Main Gambling Laws in Australia

For a long time, gambling has been thrilling people across the continents. Undoubtedly, there have been attempts to eliminate it. Although, the truth is that society loves the thrill of such entertainment. Nowadays, there diverse games and possibilities to gamble online or in a real casino.

Australia is the most gambling-loving country. Statistically, its citizens spend on this amusement around 1300 dollars annually per person. These indices are the highest across the continents. Besides, the concentration of slots on this continent is the densest.

Gambling Legislation in Australia

Regardless of the industry sustainable development since the appearance of horse races with bets in the 1800s, the legislative regulation is multi-level and complicated. In the first place, it is related to the political organization. Australia is a federative state with eight jurisdictions.

Thus, the administration is partially regulating this thrilling commerce. While each federative units has got own laws which are valid and applicable to this niche. The difference between them can be considerable. Besides, the legislative system has been developing irregularly depending on the popularity of this commerce in a certain federal unit.

The Oldest Laws Related to Australian Gambling

  • South Australian law “On Lotteries and Gambling” as of 1936;
  • Sydney laws “On Bets”, “On Lotteries”, “On Bets in Pool” dated 1964;
  • South Australian law “On State Lotteries” as of 1966;
  • New South Wales law “On Registered Clubs” of the year 1976.

These are only a few laws controlling the endeavor of casinos and gambling institutions. In some units, every particular detail is foreseen and provisioned by the laws, while in the other ones, only basic rules are elaborated.

These days, particular attention is paid to the activity of gambling websites and services. It is quite hard to control the activity of these institutions online. The way out is the legalization of online gambling, as well as the application of taxes and duties on Internet casinos, specifically on the foreign ones so that the locals could feel more comfortable and protected.

Besides, in cooperation with banking institutions, those Australian users who try to bet at illicit online services will be blocked by banks. In return, a bank will be rewarded.

Australian administration has also paid attention to the security of the private data of gamblers. They are concerned that online institutions can leak personal info of the users to swindlers and blackmailers.

The system of legislation in gambling is quite complicated. Australia is the country where this industry is fastly developing, thus, requires permanents amendments and supplements. In any case, the main goal is not imposing control over gamblers. The most significant is the safety of its citizens and of those users who give preference to gamble in Australian institutions.

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