Gambling predictions in Australia

The world of sports betting is irresistibly exciting. What could compare to the delight of betting on your favorite team’s success and winning? Millions of sports fans in Australia and around the globe would agree. However, what should you base your guesses on? And what is the logic behind all those betting tips websites?

To understand sports gambling predictions, let’s zoom in on Australian football. There is a wide range of tournaments to choose from. There is the A-League, the FFA Cup (the Australian equivalent of the FA Cup), the NSW and Victoria Premier Leagues that are bet on throughout the season.

There are quite a few sources supplying tips for the upcoming events, such as:

  • Match Result;
  • Total Goal;
  • BTTS.

How are professional predictions made?

Football predictions are based on several factors. First, pundits will assess the quality of each participating club. This is done by examining statistical categories, which ensures higher accuracy in estimating a team’s ability to score and concede goals. Next, the outcome is predicted on the basis of goal expectancy for rival clubs and sufficient sample size.

What betting tips look like

The most tipped result is usually displayed with a certain so-called confidence rating. The latter is calculated as the difference between the overall number of tips for the outcome and the overall number of tips for the market. So, for instance, a certain team’s victory will have 25 tips with 50 in total. This constitutes a 50% confidence rating.

Using betting tips correctly

The most obvious way is to head straight to the most tipped section in the matches. Alternatively, you could make a selection by clicking on the event. In this case, you will usually see all markets listed together with all tips and comments from site tipsters.

As a rule, there will be a “add to betslip” button next to each tip. Once it is activated, the tip will be stored in your betslip. You may continue browsing various website sections and looking at other tips, collecting the ones you like along the way. The final step is to check the odds. This means that you need to identify the bookmaker with the best odds.

In addition, you could also look through football fan forums that are usually found on the same betting tipster sites. However, bear in mind that other users may be misguided in their opinions, so be sure to double-check any tips from your fellow fans.

The takeaway

Of course, the exact science of football predictions is quite complex. You may do some digging for the formulas if you would like to thoroughly comprehend the logic. Otherwise, simply choose a reliable tipster resource and follow the advice that has already been compiled for you!

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