An artist never has no reason not to wait. One has to let the work emerge and why rush it? Time in the ordinary sense, as something to be measured, has no meaning in art, and the value of activity isn’t clear. As George Eliot says: “Receptiveness is a rare and massive power, like fortitude.” Negative capacity is always greater than skill, although that’s no justification for the dilettante. So things don’t have to get done—in fact nothing actually has to get done. Delay, procrastination, caution, doubt, evasion, waiting, patience, expectation, indifference to deadlines, wool gathering, grammatical convolutions, daydreams, excuses, conversation, holidays, planning, second thoughts, third thoughts, pentimenti—all in the tool box. What will get done will. Just don’t apply that method to ordinary life. I know some artists who try, and it never works out.

VSGaitonde, Untitled 1977

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