Art for the Age of Trump

Thinking about constructivist collage—in other words, art of a revolutionary period—makes one wonder what kind of art is right for today. Does my Collage #10 really measure up, or is to too much Kutesy-Klee and Kandinsky-Kute? Are the animal/organic and dark collages better? Probably. This might be a time for the monstrous. The monstrous was always present in abstract expressionism, and for that matter in surrealism, but it reads differently in different periods. Sometimes it just seems ridiculous. Maybe not now. I think of it as an expansion of the resources of figuration. Social monstrosities—like Trump’s cabinet—are not the ones I’m interested in. Zombies and vampires don’t really cut it, in my estimation. Human doctors and genetic engineers can make new monsters, but they will always be trivial. What art can channel is the monstrous form of beings before they actually acquired form. And that could be an art of a revolutionary time.

Robert Linsley, Inside Passage 2008

Monstrous figuration has always been part of what I do. Better than rinky-dink lines and patches. This one is a head, among other things. By the way, if anyone cares, I love Collage #10—just keep staring at it, though have no idea why.

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