Two of a Kind

From Wodehouse’s Joy in the Morning:

‘By an unfortunate coincidence, his lordship will in a few moments from now be proceeding to the potting shed to confer with Mr. Chichester Clam.’
‘Chichester Clam?’
‘Yes, sir.’
I shook the head.
‘I think the strain to which I have just been subjected must have affected my hearing. You sound to me as if you were saying Chichester Clam.’
‘Yes, sir. Mr. J. Chichester Clam, managing director of the Clam Line.’
‘What on earth’s a clam line?’
‘The shipping line, sir, which, if you remember, is on the eve of being merged with his lordship’s Pink Funnel.’

We all know Duchamp’s schoolboy humour. Maybe schoolboy humour is the best kind anyway.


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