An Opportunity, or A Christmas Message

Stella teaches something every artist should know, or does know but normally forgets—that art is not a problem, it’s an opportunity, an invitation, a promise. What it is for society I have no idea, but that’s what it is for me—an invitation to realize the great possibilities that are there. The much derided formalism is all about that, and that’s why it’s still valid. There’s no reason to single out any particular artist as the best, but true greatness is simply openness to the potentials, which are as objectively variable as they are objective. Nor does the work have to be absolutely new or unprecedented, just moving with life. I wish I had more material abundance in my life, but creative abundance is what keeps me alive, and that abundance is always available—it just takes an artist to manifest it.

Frank Stella, Merry Christmas (S—5, 3X 2D version) 1987

Today it seems like everything is going crazy in the world—conflicts are spiraling ever faster, anger is rising, panic and despair are setting in, lies and conscious deception feed ignorance and blind delusion—it really is a new period we will have to call the age of Trump. It’s so important to keep focused on art as the realm of possibility. And in that way a source of joy.

Robert Linsley, Sphere #8 2013

Robert Linsley, Untitled watercolour 2013

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