The Day Is Long

More from the mind of Bertie Wooster:

“If there’s one thing I like it’s a quiet life. I’m not one of those fellows who get all restless and depressed if things aren’t happening to them all the time. You can’t make it too placid for me. Give me regular meals, a good show with decent music every now and then, and one or two pals to totter round with, and I ask no more.”

“It was one of those things that want doing quickly or not at all. I shut my eyes and pushed. Something seemed to give. There was a scrambling sound, a kind of yelp, a scream in the offing, and a splash. And so the long day wore on, so to speak.”

Robert Linsley, Collage #9, 2nd. state

Robert Linsley, Collage #9, stage 2

This collage hasn’t moved much since the first stop, and I’m getting impatient—not with the collage of course.

Robert Linsley, Collage #9 stage 3a

Robert Linsley, Collage #9 stage 3a

So now it’s moving, but looking much worse.

Robert Linsley, Collage #9 stage 3b

Robert Linsley, Collage #9 stage 3b

Later the same day. Even worse.

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