Literary Modernism

I’ve always been drawn to artists who write their own books and illustrate them—or maybe they are actually writers who also draw. Two obvious ones who come to mind are Mervyn Peake and Bruno Schulz, and I like them both.

Mervyn Peake, manuscript page from Gormenghast

Mervyn Peake, manuscript page from Gormenghast

Personally, I see nothing in comic books or graphic novels—they’re too cinematic. If I want a film I can get one. Picture books, which have fewer pictures and fewer words, but do more with both, are much better. So Maurice Sendak is also one of my all time favourite artists, but I don’t turn up my nose at Beatrix Potter either. Does all this have anything to do with abstraction? Maybe not, but let’s not be purist. It could be relevant one day.

Maurice Sendak 2

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