Art and Nature Today

The trouble with ideas is that everyone has them at the same time. That’s why art is better—the concrete particular is one thing, in one place at one time.

One of my favorite chapters in the book is on art and nature. A version of it was published in &&&. Though it’s an important chapter, only one artist is mentioned—my friend Alexis Harding. I love his work, but both readers of the book detected that he is something of a stand-in for myself. Anyway, when I wrote it I thought it was pretty fresh, and only Alexis and I met the requirements. Now similar ideas are everywhere. I recently read a great article by Donna Haraway. Her writing is full of outside perspectives, but she is only looking and thinking. Nature has primacy over any of it’s products, including human beings, but art can participate in that primacy because it can be nature, not just represent it.

Robert Linsley, Domains in the Sea of Milk 1999

Robert Linsley, Domains in the Sea of Milk 1999

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