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I’m only a little way into this second blog campaign and already beginning to get tired of myself. And no doubt readers will be tired of hearing about Motherwell or Klee. Maybe I’m just an old fogey out of touch with contemporary art. Except my own. Actually that’s not quite the case; life is always in the present but a living art is not always contemporary.

One of the funniest moments in my teaching career was when I told a class of eighty or ninety students that certain paintings by Cézanne were more alive than they were. You should have felt the shock wave in the lecture hall. Wonder why they took it so hard? It’s only true. If your existence is entirely possessed by mass culture norms and the conventional thoughts of the people around you then what’s the point? Just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re actually alive.

As it happens I’m getting tired of Klee. Too much cuteness.

Rodney Graham, City Self, Country Self

Rodney Graham, City Self, Country Self

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