This collage by Robert Motherwell is exceptional, in my opinion. It has a kind of cleanness and freshness that puts it over the top professionally, though those are not necessary qualities in any modern art, certainly not in collage, which has a normal messiness. But it is very intelligently organized. The orange head of the figure, with really nice red spider lines inside, is displaced and repeated differently in charcoal—very odd and interesting, although also kind of cubist. The ink blots on the body are very attractive—almost symmetrical, and the best break in the symmetry is the hard curved line on the bottom of middle blot which picks up the curved lines on the right. Enough formal analysis. Just notice the second figure up against the left edge—it could be a David Smith.

Robert Motherwell, Figure with Blots 1943

Robert Motherwell, Figure with Blots 1943

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