New Beginning

The blog is starting up again, and it’s gratifying to know that readers I had before are happy to see it come back. The occasion is the imminent publication of my book, my first book. Artists don’t have to write books, in fact they don’t have to write anything. I don’t really know why I do it, it just comes naturally. Studio work opens up mental doors and one feels like talking about what comes through. The blog form is perfect—occasional thoughts, passing experiences, new enthusiasms all adapt easily to the short post, and I like to keep em short.

The book is an extended effort, and it wasn’t easy. The writing wasn’t so hard—I just started at the first page and wrote through unil I got to the end. Had no idea what I would say until it was said, which made the whole job a lot easier. The hard part was finishing, especially collecting the illustrations.


I promise the book is a pleasure to read. It’s like the proverbial onion—an esoteric core surrounded by several layers of formal analysis and a skin of polemic. And now it’s done, let the blogging begin.

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3 Responses to New Beginning

  1. Jeff Tutt says:

    congrats Robert. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Jan Tumlir says:

    Congratulations Robert. It is hard to believe that this is your first book, since you have written so much. I like the way that you put the process: finding what to say in the saying. I imagine that you’re somehow maintaining your auto-poetic through-line in there.
    Glad to see the blog back in action!

  3. Same here, Robert. Congratulations!

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