Last Post, For Now

With three and a half years of this blog, I thought the new year might be a good time to take a rest. After hitting a high of 9500 unique visitors in one month, the readership has wobbled up and down, and recently dropped to just over 6000. I don’t know why, but it is possible that people are getting sick of the sound of my voice, that the posts are becoming repetitious. In any case, I’m getting sick of the sound of my own voice. The rate of posting—every second day—might be a bit too high. There is something coming up in the near future that could give the blog more momentum, and more readers, so it’s perhaps wise to regroup and enjoy some down time in anticipation of that day. I leave you with a thought from Harold Bloom:

“…the language of British and American poetry, from at least Wordsworth to the present, is overdetermined in its patternings, and so necessarily is underdetermined in its meanings.”

Make the move from literature to art and that says it for abstraction. Hope that while talking about art that speaks to me, I haven’t made the mistake of attributing meanings.

Robert Linsley, Untitled watercolor 2010

Robert Linsley, Untitled watercolor 2010

Frank Stella, The Sermon (C-31, maquette) 1991

Frank Stella, The Sermon (C-31, maquette) 1991

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5 Responses to Last Post, For Now

  1. Daniel Laskarin says:

    Well, thanks Robert, for the postings thus far. I hope to see more from time to time. (6000 readers is pretty good tho)

  2. robert, i understand how things come & go, however, i enjoyed visiting and reading your posts. hope you come back soon.

  3. Neil Ferber says:

    I have only just found your blog, via abstract critical which I have also only just found, what a shame that you are stopping. I found you in the comments section where others were busy rubbishing Frank Stella and you were the voice of opposition. So I read your blog on Stella and loved it, it’s always reassuring when you find someone expressing thoughts and ideas that you have yourself. My last blog was partly about Stella and Caravaggio as I have just read the Norton Lectures which made me re-think quite a few things especially about Caravaggio.

  4. Stephanie Lara says:

    Coming to this blog has been a sanctuary, to see an individual love abstract, unique art forms as much as l is very refreshing.

    All the masterpieces you have explored exhibit true unique form and have highlighted that beauty not only lies in the places the mainstream eye choses to look at. Modern age social tools play a role in how we see things in the arts industry given the new “factors” we have to consider such as timing and hashtags- however what this blog showcases is sometimes the most visually and emotionally engaging pieces are those that are constantly around us but we just don’t take close enough attention to it.

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