So Much

So many blades of grass, so many twigs or branches on so many trees, so many insects, and above all, so many bacteria. As I don’t cease to mention on this blog, the number of details in the world is stupefying, but also the texture of life is unfathomably tightly woven. Those who think that we as a species have dominated the biosphere are in some science fiction lala land. We may affect it, damage parts of it, but it is so much more than us. Not even to mention that our existence depends on all those details. Human beings will never comprehend even a tiny fraction of the four dimensional complexity of the system of which they are a part. An art that can’t incorporate that fact into its process is a paltry thing, in my opinion. Such is my justification for an organic abstraction.


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  1. Mike says:

    now your talking! I’ve been watching lots of Brakhage recently… He was so in tune with this very issue… I think time is the elemental crux of this issue…

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