Other Reliefs

Blog reader Kizi Spielmann Rose kindly sent me some shots of Stella’s recent work. He seems himself to respond to energy in art, and has taken up the relief painting method accordingly, with gusto, as evidenced in this image.

Some things that I see in his work that are also present in Stella are: using both the cut out positive forms and the resulting negatives, usually in different works; a diversity of forms and manners on the cut out panels; forms jumping between the levels. Since the panels are usually parallel and flat, the works have a resemblance to those of Arp, which goes to prove that Stella is not and cannot be the only reference for someone who works like this. The only problem I have is that the forms seem a little hard and linear—but to each their own. Meanwhile, I was particularly attracted to earlier works with overlapping shapes. I can’t tell if these are prints, digital pieces or paintings, but see a lot of potential in the method.

Image 40

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2 Responses to Other Reliefs

  1. Gary Brooks says:

    Reminds me of later work by Helion. Bit of Leger in Helion he wasn’t able to shake. http://c300221.r21.cf1.rackcdn.com/jean-helion1904-1987

  2. Martin Mugar says:

    I talk about Stella in this recent blog post on Helion. I address the limits of reduction that Helion wrote about and I think preoccupied Stella. I see the same transition from paintings of simple impact in Al Held’s work to large scale works of complexity. In the case of Helion he reverted to figuration. I hope it adds to the dialogue on Stella’s work that you are pursuing here.

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