Lane Relyea describes the reconstitution of the art world around systems of communication, around networks, and he makes a strong case that the ruling paradigm today is information. The database and the project are the fundamental forms, and the idea of a self-integrated, autonomous individual creator apparently doesn’t have traction anymore. His arguments are convincing, and I’ll post some quotes another day, just to say that for someone who has spent a lifetime to become that kind of artist the book is a painful pleasure. But it hits the more deeply in that Relyea is not endorsing what he describes. Millennial enthusiasms are easy to dismiss, but Relyea is a realist, not a promoter. And his critical manner is pretty discreet—he presents without moralizing; a coolness fraught with implications that I recognize from some of the California  artists we both know, and whom I know he has influenced, and been influenced by.


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