Late Barré

Late Barré is unexpectedly charming. This series is built on a grid with diagonals, with

Martin Barre. 90-91-126x126-C 1990-91

Martin Barré. 90-91-126×126-C 1990-91

certain sections filled in, most not. And the consequent forms are carefully placed to avoid obvious lining up of the edges. A sophisticated deployment of absence. Yet there is also a kind of comic theatre taking place as green shapes move in from stage right and yellow

Martin Barre, 90-91-126x126-B  1990-91

Martin Barré, 90-91-126×126-B 1990-91

from stage left, a square dance of frowning little figures. Thing is, one has to see the whole series to see the dance, to get the shock as they move around and change places. I love that kind of game with the series, that makes it a single work in many parts.

Martin Barre, 90-91-126x126-A 1990-91

Martin Barré, 90-91-126×126-A 1990-91

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