Philosophy of an Artist II

From a recent interview with Ai Weiwei comes the following:

“My answer may sound like a cliché. I think you only live once. A life is like a fortune that is owned by every one of us. “

Actually it’s not so banal because he has found a new way to express that insight, one that gives a fresh perspective on money. Then he goes on:

“However, this life is going to be taken away from us. All the possibilities will be gone at the end. Therefore, I hate any power or system that deprives people of their most basic natural rights and their happiness. I am an artist….I think that the right to express oneself is the essence of life. Without it, life has no form. This is what I came to believe after going through many troubles and difficulties.”

Fair enough. All the suffering and limitation in the world is caused by human beings, it’s not a given condition of human life. Some of it is mental, and that we have control over as individuals. But most interesting is the potential resemblance of the form of an artwork and the form of a life.


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