Fallible Ai

While I wasn’t looking, Alfredo Triff, on his very good blog miami bourbaki, has made a pretty comprehensive analysis of the Ai Weiwei – Maximo Caminero imbroglio, so I interrupt my usual progression of posts to mention it. I agree with him all the way, and find it disappointing that Ai doesn’t really get what’s going on, even in his own work. Or maybe he does and doesn’t want to open the door to constant pot breaking. In other words, iconoclasm has to stop at a certain point to keep it as an image, as art in other words. But we keep taking art literally, and can hardly help doing so, because as an image iconoclasm means something – it allegorizes another kind of breaking, of a political kind. The biggest problem is that the existing powers are destructive too, in fact destruction has become a normal feature of life in capitalism, and money is license to destroy. If Basel Miami is a festival, maybe only Triff can see it as a festival of destruction.

Miami Artist Smashes  Million Vase

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