Anselm Reyle

I saw Anselm Reyle’s work in a group show at LA MOCA some years ago, and I was not so impressed with its formal inventiveness, surprisingly, but was very struck by how it seemed to be full of attitude, a kind of obnoxious, aggressive posture. That did put me off, but then quickly reflected that after all it’s not such a bad thing. In fact it’s admirable, how ever much it makes me ornery myself. Can’t let the young push your buttons, unless you don’t mind heading for an early grave. Don’t want to end up like the curmudgeonly Brits on abstract critical, snorting through their beards. But maybe the most wonderful thing is how an abstract work can carry such a feeling. Yet now it’s turned out that Reyle has retired from art because he couldn’t stand the crazy market. Seems he doesn’t have the attitude I thought he did. The work had the attitude. 

Anselm Reyle, Purple

Anselm Reyle, Purple 2011

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