Bizarre Spectacle

By chance I saw a bit of the closing ceremonies at Sochi, and couldn’t really believe my eyes. Giant, meaning giant, motorized stuffy toys, batting their eyes, waving and skating around. First thing I thought – what a great job for an artist, to invent these kind of spectacles and make them as silly and over the top as possible. I think Cai Guo-Qiang did it for Beijing, but I’m sure it’s become a specialized field of its own. There’s certainly scope for creative idiocy. And abstraction can become even more of a quiet niche.


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2 Responses to Bizarre Spectacle

  1. Naomi Schlinke says:

    The second that I saw this image I thought about Jeff Koons “Puppy” in Bilboa.

  2. Francis Lemieux says:

    Thank you, just the words I was looking for.

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