I’ve just found a really good blog – by accident naturally, as everything on the internet. It’s called miami bourbaki, written by a fellow called Alfredo Triff. There is also a link below. His meanderings may be a little obscure at times, but he has the right attitude – skeptical, combative, realistic. I’m interrupting my usual progression of posts to mention it because he has picked up on the latest small scandal out of Miami – a disgruntled local artist who broke a vase in the Ai Weiwei show. As Triff points out, Ai’s response is less than adequate. But the artist, Maximo Caminero, doesn’t have much of an issue. If he expects the Miami art museum to show more local artists, then he doesn’t understand what the role of such an institution is. The vase in question is “Han Dynasty,” almost certainly a replica, and the real destruction of culture is ongoing and longstanding. Caminero’s beef seems petty compared to that, even though he spotted the fake and Triff apparently doesn’t. Meanwhile, Triff is right that the immediate issue is the value of iconoclasm in contemporary art.


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