Lauren Luloff

I was struck by a review of a young artist in the NYT. The work seemed at first glance to be in some debt to Stella, which is not a bad thing to be, but checking into her more closely I find that it has more to do with Rauschenberg and a few other people. They are fabric collages. She’s pretty good and has a lot of energy. The Times reviewer, Roberta Smith,

Lauren Luloff, Cliff 2013

Lauren Luloff, Cliff 2013

makes the following observation: “The range from tight to loose pattern, from pattern to expressive painting, is intriguing in concept, as is the emphasis on a painting as a physical object. But these works are often too arbitrary and random in totality. They lack internal sense, or rigor, especially in the application of oil paint.” This sounds a lot like Stella, and he is often criticized for the same kind of arbitrariness. I find it encouraging that there is still a frontier in painting, new forms of disunity that can challenge taste.

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