Mel Bochner

The previous post might give the impression that I have a low opinion of the work of Mel Bochner. It ain’t necessarily so. This wall painting strikes me as pretty good. I love the animated way it bounces around the wall and the negative shapes. Definitely better than some more famous wall drawings by other artists. I wonder why he didn’t continue with this line of work. It dates from 1980, the heyday of the so-called “return to painting,” but maybe it was out of step with the manners of that time. It certainly looks right today.

Mel Bochner, Aggregate 1980

Mel Bochner, Aggregate 1980

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  1. Emily Davies says:

    This is the wonderful form of art, such huge and amazing collection of the colors. I respect every kind of art but Mel Bochner is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


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