Kandinsky and Stella

The following comparison may or may not be a good one; what caught my eye is the plane sticking forward in the Kandinsky, which could be seen as punctured, and its


Wassily Kandinsky, On White II 1923

resemblance to the brown curved and cut plate in the Stella. But I think what the comparison is really about is the idea of an abstract composition as compactly built into and out of itself. From Stella’s point of view, the Kandinsky is probably crying out


Frank Stella, K161b 2011

to be set on the floor, and the straight lines and sharp triangles look just like legs. This might also be the moment to recognize the incredible diversity and richness of


Wassily Kandinsky, In Blue 1925

Kandinsky’s art, and how many initiatives and departures are there. The way the late work seems to lean toward kitsch is right up there with Stella.

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