I’m feeling somewhat shaken by Alan Weisman’s book on population. He says “Except for volcanic eruptions, every emergency on Earth is now either related to or aggravated by the presence of more people than conditions can bear.” Short of total encapsulation of the biosphere, which I don’t believe is possible, no technological breakthroughs will increase the planet’s capacity to support our ridiculously huge numbers, which are increasing dangerously—how dangerously is impossible to say. The art world is a bubble of oblivion. The life boats of the one per cent will not reach safety, even if the masses are driven back at gun point, and there should be some comfort in that, since most of us will not be invited to sit down anyway. Money cannot grow food. High auction prices for art are a sideshow. Basel Miami is an irrelevance. But I’m still convinced that the value of what I do is equal to the catastrophe, that respect for the otherness of art is the same moral, ethical and political value that we need to survive.


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