Digital Experience

The other day I put up the storm windows on my house, and found some rotten wood and sashes that are splitting apart from age and weather. As it happens we also decided to give up our land line because we can tether the computer to the cell phone. It’s hardly news that a giant telecom can easily be put out of business by changes in the technology – the rapid disappearance of RIM/Blackberry is a new norm. But I still need windows to keep out the cold and let in the light. sash_windowThe concept of an information or digital economy, is nothing but public relations for the interested parties. We are still animals living in a material world. And the rhetorics of “churn” and “creative destruction” are a phenomenon of the end of an economic cycle in the west, a symptom of decline not a valid description of how the  whole economy actually is. If you don’t want to be rendered obsolescent one day, then keep out of that side. These facts are gradually emerging for more and more people.

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