Single Shapes

I’ve been pondering the work of Jeff Tutt, and its difference from mine. Familiarity with his work makes me notice this very small piece that was lying in a corner of the studio. I can’t remember why I did it or what I was thinking of at the time. It’s probably


Robert Linsley, sketch 2012

fair to say that my works are about the relationship between shapes, and his are about the shapes themselves, although maybe each of us has an opposite tendency. I have a method that generates countless interesting and suggestive shapes, and the work is to put them together. Tutt develops each individually and says that he aims to pack in as much suggestion as possible. I like that approach. Meanwhile Adorno keeps my attention with many insights into the relation between part and whole. There is so much to do with these limited means—Tutt’s work is inspiring because he sees that and makes it evident.

06 tutt try 8

Jeff Tutt, Tricyclic 6 2013

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