Spherical Paintings

I made spherical paintings a number of years ago, and there is a page of them on my web site. The story is that I showed them for the first time in a group show in Vancouver. The morning after the opening I went to Los Angeles to look around, and stumbled into the opening day of Russell Crotty’s first show of spherical drawings at Shoshana Wayne in Santa Monica. Ideas are always in the air, and everyone breathes. Mine were painted on vinyl exercise balls, and it was obvious they needed a more permanent material. Even though I had a lot of encouragement, and good reactions from several quarters, I lost interest in them, postponed the work required, as might an artist with other things on his mind. Technically and aesthetically they are an interesting problem—because the whole design can never be seen at once, they are in effect infinite paintings. There are also difficulties with the pouring method on a sphere, difficulties that contribute to a good result. Now I’m back to it, with stainless steel, a very glamorous material, and finding new obstacles that I believe will lift the work. They encapsulate the whole problem of knowledge—that we can never, so to speak, see the backs of our own heads.


Robert Linsley, Island Generation (Planet 2) 2013


Robert Linsley, Island Generation (Planet 2) 2013 second view

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