How Long Has This Been Going On?

The words of the song come to mind as I get swept up in Anton Ehrenzweig’s brilliant book. Apparently it’s quite popular, so I guess that means everyone knows these things, and I’m the only one out of the secret. But profound truths are always available, and nothing is hidden—one has to be ready to see. Odd thing, as I look around I don’t see much readiness. Ehrenzweig stresses the almost infinite variability of perception, and he ridicules those naive folk who think that “sense data” are objective. In a world in which people are expected to mimic their computers, in which human capacities are reduced to “information,” his thoughts are genuinely mind blowing. They work for me because of two changes in my work, both of which are to make it more complex and more difficult—pouring wet in wet and construction enabled by printmaking.

Robert Linsley, Island Generation One 2013

Robert Linsley, Island Generation One 2013

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