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A review of Jaron Lanier‘s new book in Bookforum resonates well with my own thoughts on the direness of the internet. “We can each in turn go to our deaths giving away our value for some other entity’s benefit while working in industries that are losing their value as well, all for someone else’s disruption game.” But then the author says “As for me, I’d delete my Twitter account and close up my Facebook page and stop buying from Amazon, but I have a book coming out this summer, and disregarding principles is the first step for those who want to eat under capitalism. For now, it seems that the only way to capitalize on the many hidden costs of digital seamlessness is to become ever more seamy.” Hidden costs, for sure. My dilemma exactly. I know what to do, the question is how and when.

John Kelsey, Facebook Data Center Rutherford County, NC 2013,

John Kelsey, Facebook Data Center Rutherford County, NC 2013

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