Evolutionary Adventures

Still mulling over the mistaken understanding of the concept Anthropocene, mentioned in an earlier post. Hand wringing over the disappearance of species is very human I’m sure, but unnecessary. My children, like all children, are fascinated by dinosaurs. Why, I don’t know, but there might be some kind of insight there unavailable to adults. In any case, in one of their books there are descriptions of the evolutionary adventures of the last 60-70,000 years. Even in that very short span many species have come and gone. A mere breath for the biosphere, while our own history is barely the equivalent of an eyeblink. Species are forms, and as long as the sun keeps pumping energy into the biosphere it will continue to produce more. Forms, emerging and disappearing; the substance doesn’t diminish. How could it? The biosphere is one single thing, so the total amount of life is always the same. An art of emergent forms knows all that, the only variant is time.

Robert Linsley, Passage des Parques 2001

Robert Linsley, Passage des Parques 2001


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