Critical Experiment

Here’s an idea for an amusing artwork in the form of a sociological experiment. Take two groups of curators, and ensure that the members of each group have no opportunity to talk to members of the other group. Maybe this could be set up at some curatorial summit meeting or conference. Give a talk to each group about an imaginary artist, showing examples of their work. Each talk has a different backstory, a different context and a different way of placing the artist. Then register the different responses elicited to the question “would you exhibit this artist?” Of course it has to be set up so that one group endorses the work enthusiastically, and the other rejects it. The result would demonstrate something important, but more important still would be the certain denial by the curators that the result mattered. The theoretical insight needed—and gained—is that the purpose of self-critique is to keep the unconscious unconscious.

Curators pondering weighty matters

Curators judiciously pondering weighty matters

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