Shaped Canvas 8

This piece by Martin Barré is very similar to another by François Morellet shown on this blog over a year ago. The continuation of the line across several discrete panels makes

Martin Barré, 62-5 1962

Martin Barré, 62-5 1962

their edges more vivid—the panels punch holes in the wall though to an illusionist realm while standing out strongly as shapes in our space. This is very different from the more usual approach, seen in Stella for example, of building forward into the viewer’s space. The trick is to give the edges an illusionistic kick against the wall, then go back further into pictorial space, and the result is three levels of reality—as the post on Morellet pointed out. Robert Storr claims that this was accomplished by Elizabeth Murray, but whatever its strengths, I find her work less convincing on this point. I have an idea how to do it myself, to be realized soon.

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