Recently I published a little squib on the British web site Abstract Critical, and Peter Stott, who has contributed to this blog, offered the following comment:

“The one thing that can be said about abstract art is that it is an accurate representation of as-yet unidentified object/s…Nobody knows what ‘abstract’ art signifies because one doesn’t know what the represented objects are, to say that it represents anything ‘abstract’ is speculation, to ascribe any meaning to it, is purely an arbitrary agreement between people…”

That’s the attitude I like. Optimistic.

Peter Stott

Peter Stott, No more random shapes

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  1. Martin Mugar says:

    I think that Addison Parks, artist and critic, makes a point worth noting about where Abstract Art can go. He often uses the listening metaphor in his writing. It is esoteric in the sense that not everyone can hear what is going on. Like the role that the void plays in Southern Sung painting. If you can’t hear it then you can’t experience the painting.

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