Approximating Nature

Despite my not so high opinion of the memoirs of Tapies, I continue to find interesting bits. This is his description of an early experimental phase of his work: “I was searching for images without knowing whether they were amorphous or precise, full or empty, whether they came from where bodies began or where space ended…It flowed in an almost infinite organic growth as I tried to make curved and imprecise forms to seek the most intimate and secret movements of nature.” His work has strong affinities with that of Fontana, but this comment surprises me. It makes sense that less strongly articulated forms could be an attempt to get closer to origins in nature, but I never thought of it that way. My own position has been more aesthetic, less concerned with purposes, and that might explain my interest in Fontana. Curved and imprecise forms—the pour is an origin too.

Antoni Tapies, Grey and Green Painting 1957

Antoni Tapies, Grey and Green Painting 1957

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