Laura Owens

The recent Artforum interview with Laura Owens is very interesting. Her new paintings are good, and in fact resemble Stella’s work in concrete ways. She has an inclusive approach to technique, is involved with printmaking, uses illusionistic shadows and frames within frames, and some of her large curving shapes with scribbled layers of color resemble the french curves in the Exotic Birds. None of this diminishes her achievement in any way—she has good energy and her works give pleasure. A few years ago I saw some of her things in the Pinault collection at the Palazzo Grassi, and remember being very struck that I couldn’t tell how they were done. She’s a wizard of technique.

Laura Owens, Untitled 2013

Laura Owens, Untitled 2013

What she says in the interview about conceptual art—ideas that are present before the work is even made—could have been found on this blog. She also makes very interesting remarks about the difference between male and female orgasm which I will have to come back to—an important topic for abstraction, coming off my earlier comments about Fontana. She also talks very well about what she calls “pressure,” which I call resistance, meaning a limit to strive toward and overcome, whether technical or expressive, and laments its absence in art education. All stances shared with this blog.

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