Non Composition

In a text on Martin Barré, Yves-Alain Bois says the following:

“…any act of compositional balancing, especially at its most risky, underscores the number of conscious choices that it necessitates and thus becomes a reassuring sign of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. The affirmation of subjectivity is less patent than in the case of…gesturality—which stood for the existential troubles of perturbed souls—but it is no less central. In both cases we are dealing with the myth of interiority.”

The interior is not simply a myth, and so Bois is a bit schematic, but I agree with the formal analysis. This is why I advocate an organicism that grows an arrangement (a word I just happen to like better than composition), and prefer to stay away from decision making and tidy balancing acts. I want the work to be more intelligent than me, and the idea is to get to that without recourse to grids. Here is an attractive picture by Barré, an artist who deserves further consideration here.

Martin Barré, 59-120x110 1959

Martin Barré, 59-120×110 1959

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