Ai Wei Wei and the modernist interior

I’m not especially interested in Ai Wei Wei’s work, I find it to be more or less typical contemporary global conceptualism, but I think that his understanding of modern art is brilliant and very important for China and the rest of the world. He knows that the socially critical stance of modern art is a kind of action on the growing interior, or subjective space, that makes it grow, and that that is where the battle is joined. The following quotes are from the Guardian 28th. May: “The People, the so-called People…walk like ghosts on the ever-widening streets, and whose true emotions, dreams and homes are long lost.” “The extermination of a nation’s collective memory and its ability for self-reflection is like a living organism’s rejection of its own immune system.” “Enlightenment is attained through a process of self-recognition…through a..thirst for and pursuit of an inner world…through interminable doubts and puzzlement.” But the formalist would further say that the clearing of the inner space allows an identity with objective nature.

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