The crisis

The second thing that happened today to make me think, though in this case about things a little more compelling than the dullness of art history, was another article in the LRB about David Harvey’s new book, The Enigma of Capital. I actually met David Harvey in 2003, when we were both in a conference set up by Steve Edwards. Apparently he didn’t like my talk, though for my part I found him too doctrinaire. Steve admired him greatly. After reading this precis of his ideas I now understand why. Harvey has really added something to Marxism, insights that are very relevant to the current crisis. I’m now convinced that since Obama has failed to save the system from itself by bringing in the necessary regulations, we are going to see some very interesting times. Does that have anything to do with art? Well it might, but I in any case want to spell out the ethics of abstraction, ethics that apply now or at any other time. This continues on with the topic of the first few posts.

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